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  • Spaghetti & Pasta Vegetables

    Cold ‘Gazpacho’ Spaghetti

    On a hot day, I made ‘Gazpacho’ for dinner, and I had no more energy to prepare anything else. ‘Gazpacho’ was not enough for my hungry children. I needed to make it more filling. How could I make ‘Gazpacho’ more filling? What I did was cooking thin spaghetti and mixed with the soup. That’s how …

  • Azuki (Red Beans) Mochi & Dango Dumplings Sweets

    Daifuku Mochi

    ‘Daifuku Mochi’, or Daifuku, is a Japanese sweet consisting of a small round glutinous rice cake stuffed with most commonly ‘Azuki’ Red Bean paste which is quite sweet. On the other day, I made ‘Matcha & Azuki Roll Cake’ and there was some left-over ‘Azuki’ paste. What could I use it for? The first thing …

  • Other Soup Vegetables

    My ‘Gazpacho’

    The weather in Melbourne, Australia, is famous for its unpredictability. It is said to have four seasons in one day. Sometimes it is absolutely true. It can be rather cold, but it might turn scorching hot next day. The temperature can easily go over 40℃. I don’t like hot weather as I lose energy to …