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  • Mushrooms Pork Vegetables

    ‘Ponzu’ Stir-fried Pork, Enoki & Vegetables

    ‘Ponzu’ is a Japanese citrus-based sauce that is popularly used as dipping sauce and marinade. It is also a great seasoning sauce for salad and stir-fries. It’s so handy to keep a bottle of ‘Ponzu’ in the fridge for alway. Find my ‘Ponzu’ recipe here. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 100g Pork *thinly sliced, cut into …

  • Mushrooms Shirataki & Itokonnyaku Vegetables

    ‘Kimpira’ Enoki, Carrot & Itokonnyaku

    ‘Kimpira’ is a Japanese dish of vegetables that is stir-fried and seasoned with Mirin (Sugar) & Soy Sauce. Commonly root vegetables are used but Mushrooms and Konnyaku (Konjac) are popular ingredients, too. Enjoy this stir-fry with freshly cooked rice. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 200g Enoki200g Itokonnyaku *OR Konjac noodles1 Carrot1 tablespoon Oil2 tablespoons Soy Sauce1 …