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    Rice Cooker Zucchini Frittata

    Since my crust-less ‘Easy Quiche’ was perfectly cooked in my rice cooker, I have been cooking a variety of foods in the rice cooker. If ‘Quiche’ works, the ‘Frittata’ should work. Pre-cooking can be done in the microwave, so I can cook this Frittata even on a scorching hot day. I cook it in the …

  • Beans & Peas Mazegohan

    Crunchy Nattō Mazegohan

    If you are thinking to cook Nattō Fried Rice, try this Mazegohan instead. I much prefer Nattō Mazegohan to Fried Rice. To make this Mazegoan, you just mix the ingredients with cooked rice, just like rice salad. The dish tastes great, nutritiously excellent, and healthy. And easy to make!!! Makes 1 Serving Ingredients Crunchy Vegetables …