Archive for February 8th, 2020

  • Vegetables

    Pan-Steamed Cabbage & Cheesy White Sauces

    I often serve steamed vegetables with roasted or grilled meat. I usually use a steamer, but this ‘Pan-Steaming’ method is also good, especially for Cabbage. Slightly caramelised bottom adds extra flavour. Enjoy it with your favourite sauce. Today I served with Cheesy White Sauce. Makes 4 servings Ingredients 1/2 Cabbage *cut into 4 wedges keeping …

  • Zōsui (Rice Soup)

    Green Rice Soup

    Leftover cooked rice that has turned dry and hard like sand grains. What do you cook with it? Rice soup is a good option. Try this Green Rice Soup. It is very easy and quick to prepare. The key ingredients are Edamame (Young Soy Beans) and Nori. Soft Tofu or Egg can be added. Makes …

  • Chicken

    Soy Sauce Chicken

    In the Chinese traditional method, the whole Chicken is boiled in the sauce. However, for everyday home-cooking, smaller cuts are much easier and quicker to cook, and you don’t need a lot of Soy Sauce. I recommend to use bone-in leg parts such as Thigh Cutlets and Drumsticks for this dish. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …