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  • Azuki (Red Beans) Beans & Peas Vegetables

    Azuki & Carrot Salad

    ‘Azuki’ are small red beans and most commonly used to make sweets in Japan. However, they can be used for savoury dishes as well. I often cook them with Rice. Because Azuki are small and cook fairly quickly, they don’t need to be soaked over night, and it’s easy to use for many dishes. Makes …

  • Tofu & Soy Protein Vegetables

    Simmered Daikon & Fried Tofu

    Daikon (White Radish) was on special at a local green grocer. I couldn’t resist to purchase some. This dish is one of the dishes I often cook. Today I cooked Daikon with Fried Tofu. Many Australians don’t cook radishes and they don’t know that radishes are delicious when softly simmered, stewed or even stir-fried. Makes …

  • Pork Soba Vegetables

    Soba & Pork Salad With ‘Mentsuyu’ Sauce

    Soba Salad is becoming popular in Australia and there are many creative Soba Salad recipes out there. But, as a Japanese, I strongly believe that Soba tastes the best with ‘Mentsuyu’, and it is easy to make. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 2 servings Soba Noodles150 to 200g Pork *thinly slicedSalt & PepperPotato Starch Flour *optionalA …