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  • Chicken Vegetables

    Spicy Chicken & Barley Salad

    This is a perfect lunch on a sunny day, or any day. It’s a salad to use up the leftover cooked Barley. Of course you can cook Barley to make this salad as it is so simple and easy. Use any salad dressing of your choice. Today I used ‘My Buttermilk Dressing’. Makes 2 Servings …

  • Dressings & Vinaigrettes

    My Buttermilk Dressing

    I like Supermarket Coles’ ‘Kaleslaw Salad Kit’ because I like the flavour of its dressing. I have many times tried to recreate its flavour. One reasonably good result was ‘Yoghurt Dressing’, but I was still not sure how to make the creamy texture of the dressing, but I finally discovered. Use Buttermilk! Makes About 200ml …