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  • Egg Prawn & Shrimp

    Omelette with Sweet & Sour Sauce

    ‘Crab Omelette Rice Bowl’ is one of my absolute favourite rice bowl dishes. Today I used Prawns instead of Crab Meat. Also I didn’t cook the omelette individually. Cooking 2 servings in just one large omelette is EASY. We eat it with freshly cooked rice anyway. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 100g Cooked Prawns *cut into …

  • Seasonings & Oils

    Shichimi (Chilli Spice Mix)

    ‘Shichimi’, literally means ‘seven flavours’, is Japanese Chilli Spice Mix. I often sprinkle it over many dishes for extra spiciness and flavours. Small bottles of Shichimi are available from Asian grocery stores, but I have heard many people can’t find it. Why don’t you make your own blend of Chilli Spice Mix? Ingredients Use some …