‘Shichimi’, literally means ‘seven flavours’, is Japanese Chilli Spice Mix. I often sprinkle it over many dishes for extra spiciness and flavours. Small bottles of Shichimi are available from Asian grocery stores, but I have heard many people can’t find it. Why don’t you make your own blend of Chilli Spice Mix?


Use some of the ingredients listed below. You don’t need to use seven ingredients even though ‘Shichimi’ means seven flavours.

Dried Hot Red Chilli *Dried Chilli Flakes can be used
Dried Ginger *sliced and dried
Dried Mandarin Orange Zest
Dried Yuzu Zest
Dried Shiso Leaves
Sanshō (Japanese Pepper) OR Sichuan Pepper
Toasted Sesame Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Poppy Seeds

  1. Today I used Dried Chilli Flakes, Dried Ginger, Mandarin Orange Zest, Yuzu Zest, Toasted Sesame Seeds.
  2. All ingredients must be dry. Using a Suribachi (Japanese mortar) or grinder, grind each ingredient into small flakes, and combine.
  3. Make a small amount.
  4. Do not grind Toasted Sesame Seeds too much as Oil would come out.
  5. You need to take extra caution when you grind Dried Chilli.