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  • Pork Vegetables

    Red Cabbage & Bacon Salad

    I love the crunchy texture of Red Cabbage. It is an antioxidant-rich vegetable that has a great mix of vitamins and minerals. Here is another way to enjoy it. This is a salad and you don’t cook Red Cabbage, but texture is as if stir-fried. Bacon adds umami and saltiness. It’s delicious and very CRUNCHY! …

  • Beef Potato

    Potato & Bolognese Sauce Cheese Bake

    Have you got leftover Bolognese Sauce? Try this Potato Cheese Bake. It is super easy and you really don’t need a recipe to make it. Peel and cut Potatoes, boil them until soft, season with Salt & Pepper, cover with your leftover Bolognese Sauce and Cheese, then bake it. How simple is that? Makes 4 …

  • Beef Vegetables

    My Family’s Bolognese Sauce

    ‘Spaghetti Bolognese’ was my daughter’s favourite dish when she was a young child. This is the sauce I have been cooking for decades. I sometimes add extra ingredients such as Mushrooms, Chilli, Olives, etc. I use this sauce for Potato Chase Bake and Doria as well. Cook a large batch even though you need it …