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  • Prawn & Shrimp

    Super Easy Garlic Prawns

    Garlic Prawns (OR Garlic Shrimps) is a popular dish. I know someone who loves this dish but has never tried to cook it by himself. Garlic Prawns is super easy to cook. At least, my method is. I hope he will try this recipe. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 200g shelled Prawns *thawedSalt & Black Pepper …

  • Takikomigohan

    Enoki Rice

    I cooked Rice with Enoki. No other ingredients. It’s a very simple ‘Takikomigohan’ dish, that is a Japanese dish of Rice cooked with other ingredients and seasonings. If you like Enoki, you would enjoy it. I usually don’t precook ingredients when I make ‘Takikomigohan’, but I recommend to precook Enoki for this dish. The flavour …