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  • Curry Fish Takikomigohan

    Tuna Curry Takikomigohan

    If you are doing financially tough, stock Canned Tuna. You can cook loads of delicious and nutritious dishes with it. Have a look at the list of ingredients below. I believe most people have them all. This rice dish can be cooked with those staple ingredients and won’t cost much at all. Makes 4 Servings …

  • Beans & Peas Cheese Vegetables

    Edamame & Fetta Cheese Salad

    Edamame, young Soy Beans, has become so popular and it is widely available in Australia. I often purchase Frozen Edamame Beans that are already removed from pods. Edamame Beans are absolutely versatile and can be used for so many dishes just like Frozen Peas. Today I simply mixed with Fetta Cheese, Cucumber and Avocado. This …