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  • Beans & Peas Pork

    Pork, Chorizo & Black Bean Stew

    The other day I cooked my ‘Pork & Beans’ with just canned Tomatoes and Salt & Pepper for seasoning. The flavour was too bland and I decided to add Chorizo Sausage, and it instantly improved the flavour. Then I saw a picture of a Brazilian dish called ‘Feijoada’, that was almost identical to what I …

  • Sweets

    Couscous Custard Pudding

    My ‘Semolina Custard Pudding’ is super easy to make, and I much prefer Semolina Pudding to Rice Pudding. Today I made the same pudding using Couscous as I didn’t have Semolina. Couscous and Semolina are basically same thing and Couscous is often made from Semolina. The texture is coarser, but it was quite comforting. Makes …