Archive for August 25th, 2021

  • Bread Fruit

    Strawberry Brioche Sandwich

    I was a uni student when I first ate the delicious Fruit Sandwich. It was an ordinary sandwich made with Japanese Milk Bread and the filling of whipped cream and fruit. I had never had such a combination before. As Japanese Milk Bread is impossible to find where I live now, I use Brioche Loaf. …

  • Chicken Hot Pot & Hot Plate

    Chicken Nabe (Hot Pot)

    ‘Nabe’ (Hot Pot) dish is great for entertaining your friends and family, but it is also great for everyday dinner as it is easy to prepare. I cook it for my family quite often, particularly when the weather is cold. The main ingredient of this ‘Nabe’ is Chicken. I always use Chicken Thigh Fillets and …

  • Dashi Stock

    Prawn Shell Stock

    DO NOT waste Prawn Shells. Every time you cook Prawns, you have a great opportunity to make this delicious stock. It is absolutely simple to make. The stock can be used for Soup, Risotto, Pasta Sauce, and many more. You can make an amazing Miso Soup using this stock. Makes About 550ml Ingredients Heads & …