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  • Vegetables

    Tabbouleh & Green Vegetables Salad

    Parsley has grown like a jungle in my herb garden. I decided to make Tabbouleh, so that I can use a lot of Parsley. I love Tabbouleh, but it is not very popular among my family members as they don’t like the overwhelming Parsley and Mint. So I added Green Vegetables they like, such as …

  • Curry Donburi (Rice Bowl) Pork

    Curry Flavoured Pork & Eggplant Rice Bowl

    When you stir-fry Eggplant with other ingredients, cooking time can be an issue. Today I cooked Eggplant with thinly sliced Pork. How would you cook these two ingredients together? My method is pre-cook Eggplant in the microwave. Once you have done it, this dish can be cooked very quickly. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 1 Eggplant …