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  • Fruit

    Plum Jam

    When I first made Plum Jam, the hardest challenge was removing stones. The recipe said that I needed to cut Plums in half and remove stones, but I just couldn’t do that. DO NOT try to do so. Cook Plums with stones. Best part of a Plum is actually around the stone. You can remove …

  • Pork Vegetables

    San Choy Bau (Pork & Veggies in Lettuce Cups)

    The other day, I was requested to post my ‘San Choy Bau’ recipe on my website. I had shared my Vegan version, but I hadn’t shared my favourite Pork Mince version. So, here is my ‘San Choy Bau’. Iceberg Lettuce is popularly used for this dish, but it can be tricky to make cups. I …