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  • Cold Sweets

    Basic Yoghurt Jelly

    This is the very basic Yoghurt Jelly. Based on this recipe, I made Yoghurt Mousse, Orange Yoghurt Mousse, Blueberry Yoghurt Jelly, and other Yoghurt desserts. I haven’t shared this very basic one. So, here it is. By replacing some of the Milk in this recipe with Fruit Juice, whipped Cream OR whipped Egg White, and …

  • Harusame & Rice Noodles Vegetables

    Spicy Chicken & Harusame Salad

    ‘Harusame Salad’ is one of the most popular summer dishes among my family members. This is a spicy version of it as I add Toban Djan (Chilli Bean Sauce) to the dressing. Lean Chicken is more suitable than Ham to this spicy salad. You can serve this dish with freshly cooked Rice, but this dish …

  • Vegetables

    ‘Goma-ae’ Red Capsicum

    ‘Goma-ae’ is a Japanese dish of vegetables dressed with sweet sesame seed sauce. I have shared many ‘Goma-ae’ recipes on this website, and they are very popular. The amount of Sugar to add to the sauce needs to be altered depending on the ingredients. Red Capsicum turns very sweet when cooked. I believe we need …