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    Butter Garlic ‘Shiri Shiri’ Carrots

    ‘Shiri Shiri Carrots’ is originated in Okinawa Island in Japan. ‘Shiri Shiri’ means thinly sliced strips of vegetables in Okinawan language. I always cook this dish with Dashi Powder and a little bit of Soy Sauce. Today I cooked it with Butter and Garlic, and seasoned with Salt & Black Pepper only. It was delicious. …

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    Snow Fungus & Wakame Salad

    I always stock Dried Cut Wakame and Dried Snow Fungus, aka White Jelly Mushroom. Are you unfamiliar with them? They are available from most Asian grocery stores. They have similar texture and don’t have strong flavour. I use them mainly for soups and salads, but I have never used both of them together, so I …