Archive for May 14th, 2022

  • Cold Sweets

    Yoghurt Jelly Cake

    This cake is basically Yoghurt & Milk Jelly. I set it in a cake tin on the Sweet Biscuit Base just like Cheesecake. I didn’t use Cream because I wanted to make this cake very light and low in calories. I recommend to enjoy it with fresh fruit or not-so-sweet berry sauce. Today I enjoyed …

  • Fruit

    Microwave Blueberry Sauce

    Frozen Blueberries are good value. I always stock a bag of them, so that I can add some to my breakfast porridge. Using Frozen Blueberries that are ready to use anytime, it is super easy to make this Blueberry Sauce, that can be added to Cheesecake, Pancakes, Yoghurt, and many more. It is much healthier …

  • Dipping Sauces

    ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce

    ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce is a dipping sauce for Japanese style BBQ. A variety of Yakiniku Sauce products are available to purchase, but it is quite easy to make. I want to share my family’s ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce recipe. My mother used to make a large amount at a time and keep it in a bottle, ready to …