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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Lemon Squares

    I am a big fan of Lemon Curd Slice, but Lemon Curd contains a large amount of Butter and you need a lot of Lemon Juice to make it. This ‘Lemon Squares’ tastes almost the same but much lighter, and you can make it with just 1 Lemon. This is a very easy recipe. You …

  • Zōsui (Rice Soup)

    Tomato Rice Soup

    Rice Soup is a good way to use up leftover Cooked Rice, particularly Cooked Rice that is cold and hard. Today I used canned diced Tomatoes, but if you have the harvest from your garden, please use fresh ripe Tomatoes, and the soup will be beautiful. You can add the Cooked Rice to any soup, …