Archive for September 23rd, 2022

  • Chicken Takikomigohan

    Gochujang Chicken Rice

    This is a Korean inspired ‘Takikomigohan’, that is a Japanese dish of Rice cooked with all other ingredients and seasonings. This ‘Gochujang Chicken Rice’ is absolutely easy to cook if you have a rice cooker. I can’t live without rice cooker. It makes everyday cooking so much easier. While Gochujang Chicken Rice is cooking, make …

  • Fish Potato

    Mackerel & Potato with Sweet Miso Sauce

    Here is another super easy dish that you can make using a small can of Mackerel. My husband always complains that Mackerel smells bad, but Mackerel is my favourite fish and it goes so well with Sweet Miso Sauce. To reduce the fishy smell, I often add Sake (Rice Wine) OR Mirin to the fish. …