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  • Cold Sweets

    Chestnut Mousse Cake

    I am a big fan of Chestnut desserts. ‘Mont Blanc Cake’ is very special to me, and ‘Chestnut Bavarois’ is one of my favourite desserts. Today I altered my ‘Chestnut Bavarois’ recipe and made this ‘Chestnut Mousse Cake’. I wanted to decorate it with Marron Glacé, but it was too hard to find. So, I …

  • Nuts

    Mock Marron Glacé

    I was planning to make ‘Chestnut Mousse Cake’ and I wanted to decorate it with Marron Glacé. However, there is no store that sells Marron Glacé where I live, and the online purchase would cost a fortune. So, I decided to make them by myself. However, peeling Chestnuts would be too hard for my aching …

  • Potato

    Easiest Cheesy Potato Bake

    I have a great recipe of ‘Cheesy Potato Bake’ that I have been cooking for decades, but it takes more than 1 hour to cook. When I want to serve ‘Cheesy Potato Bake’ for dinner but don’t have enough time, this is what I cook. White Sauce can be made in the microwave very quickly. …