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    Blanched Pork Belly & Coriander Salad

    Coriander is ‘Love OR Hate’ vegetable. If you are a coriander hater, you wouldn’t enjoy this salad. If you love Coriander, you got to try it. It’s so refreshing and yummy. I hesitate to say I love Coriander, but I do enjoy its flavour. Definitely I don’t think it tastes like soap. Pork Belly is …

  • Vegetables

    Quick Pickled Celery

    When I serve Japanese style dinner, I always serve a small plate of vegetable along with Rice, Soup and Main Dish. It is supposed to be a simple vegetable dish, such as pickled vegetable OR ‘Aemono’, Japanese style salad. This is a simple dish of Celery. The flavour should be subtle and refreshing. Makes 4 …