Archive for December 21st, 2022

  • Prawn & Shrimp Takikomigohan

    Sesame Flavoured Prawn Takikomigohan

    ‘Takikomigohan’ is a Japanese dish of Rice that is cooked with other ingredients and seasonings. It is commonly seasoned with Dashi and Soy Sauce. It is my absolute favourite Japanese dish and I often crave it. Today I used Prawns. I thought some Oil will be definitely needed, so I added Sesame Oil. The result …

  • Fruit Sweets

    Candied Orange Peel

    Recently I made several cakes that required Candied Orange Peel. Then I discovered that no shop sells it where I live. I used Mixed Citrus Peel that is widely available. My family members regularly eat Oranges and throw away the peel. So, I decided to make Candied Orange Peel today. It is much easier than …