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  • Fish Potato

    Potato & Mackerel Pancakes

    This is a variation of savoury Potato pancakes called ‘Potato Oyaki’ in Japanese. I often make ‘Potato Oyaki’ with Smoked Salmon. Any other fish could be used I supposed, and I tried with Canned Mackerel today. I am so glad I did. The pancakes were yummy. Grilled fresh Mackerel would be wonderful, but it’s hard …

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    Lemon Butter Cake

    Here is another variation of my ‘Basic Butter Cake’. Today I added Lemon. Lemon flavoured Butter Cake tastes better with Lemon Icing. Lemon Icing can be made with Icing Sugar and Lemon Juice, but you can add a small amount of melted Butter. Be aware that this cake is pretty high in calories. Cake Tin …