• Nuts Sweets

    Muscovado & Walnut Mochi

    Mochi, Japanese rice cake made of short-grain glutinous rice pounded into rubbery chewy paste, is often used for making sweets. With limited ingredients and utensils, this mochi sweet can be actually easily made using rice flour. It takes only ten minutes. Makes 4 to 6 Servings Ingredients Rice Flour 1/2 cupGlutinous Rice Flour 1/2 cupMuscovado …

  • Cold Sweets

    Milk Kuzu Mochi

    There is a Japanese cold sweet called ‘Kuzu Mochi’ which is made with ‘Kuzu’ starch flour. This sticky and soft rubbery sweet is one of my favourites. I tried to make it using some substitutes because ‘Kuzu’ starch flour is not available where I live. I have discovered the best substitute is Tapioca flour! It …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Beans & Peas

    Kinako Biscuits

    I attempted to make ‘Kinako‘ (finely ground roasted soy beans) at home by toasting dry raw soy beans and grinding them, but my electric grinder didn’t make very fine powder. Then I tried to make biscuits using the ground soy beans. The result was fantastic! The texture is similar to shortbread which is slightly dry …

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