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    Kombu & Celery Leaves ‘Tsukudani’

    When you buy a bunch of celery, what do you use the leaves and thin stalks for? I have once introduced ‘Celery Leaves Tsukudani’ on this website. Here is another yummy ‘Tsukudani’ for you to try. Because I love this dish so much, I always buy celery by a large bunch with lots of leaves …

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    Kombu (Kelp) Cucumber Daikon Salad

    A store of Daiso has opened in a shopping centre near my house recently. If you are interested in Japanese culture, you must know Daiso. Daiso stores sell a great variety of Japanese products all at one price $2.80 each in Australia. They sell some cooking ingredients and ‘Shredded Kombu (Kelp)’ is one of them. …

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