• Fruit

    Persimmon Jelly

    When I was a child, Japanese Persimmon trees were everywhere in my home town. Many families owned one. If you have a Persimmon tree, you get more fruit than you can consume every Autumn. My mother used to hang the peeled Persimmons in the early winter’s cold dry air to make Dried Persimmons. You can …

  • Fruit

    Persimmon and Yoghurt

    It’s Autumn in Melbourne now. Persimmons are sold at the green grocers. Persimmons are called ‘Kaki’ in Japanese and they are NOT particularly special fruit where I used to live because Persimmon trees are absolutely everywhere! But in Melbourne, I have never seen a Persimmon tree and they are quite expensive fruit. Persimmon fruit are …

  • Vegetables

    Red Coleslaw

    This is a lovely red coleslaw. You can add any red or orange colour vegetables, but the essential ingredients are Red Cabbage and Fresh Beetroot. If you want to keep the orange colour of Carrot, rinse the beetroot slices before placing in the bowl. Otherwise the beetroot will make everything red. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …