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  • Nuts Takikomigohan

    Chestnut Rice

    It is now well into the autumn in Melbourne. Most Melburnians say that the autumn is the best season. I can’t agree more. Let’s enjoy the autumn food. Today I cooked rice with chestnuts. It is quite time-consuming to prepare chestnuts but only 8 or 12 chestnuts can be prepared quite easily. And you know …

  • Vegetables

    Spicy Garlic Miso Cabbage

    I made this dish when I had craving for Kimchi on the other day. I just wanted something salty, garlicky and spicy. It took a few minutes to make this dish and it was very satisfying. I mixed the leftover with fresh tomato and tofu and it was surprisingly yummy. Why don’t you try it? …

  • Chicken Gyoza

    Kale & Chicken Gyoza

    I love Kale and it’s good for my health and it is growing madly in my veggie garden. I have created quite a few recipes recently and here is another one, and this one is scrumptious! However it is a bit disappointing because I can hardly taste Kale, but it is good for my husband, …