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  • Bread Dough

    Pão de Queijo, Brazilian Cheese Bread

    ‘Pão de Queijo’ (Cheese Bread in Portuguese) is a small cheese roll, a popular food in Brazil. The reason why I started baking ‘Pão de queijo’ is because I simply fell in love with this bread roll when I first tasted it in Japan.More then 10 years ago, my family lived in a city in …

  • Sea Vegetables Takikomigohan

    Hijiki Takikomigohan

    ‘Hijiki’ is a dark brownish coloured sea vegetable and it has been a part of the Japanese diet for centuries. Hijiki is rich in dietary fibre and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. There is a health concern about the level of inorganic arsenic in Hijiki and some say it is toxic. I have …