‘Hijiki’ is a dark brownish coloured sea vegetable and it has been a part of the Japanese diet for centuries. Hijiki is rich in dietary fibre and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. There is a health concern about the level of inorganic arsenic in Hijiki and some say it is toxic. I have learned that occasional Hijiki consumption is unlikely to cause health risks. Only eating more than 4.7g of Hijiki everyday continuously would be a problem. So you can try this dish without worrying about the toxicity!


4 Servings


Short Grain Rice 2 cups *180ml cup
Dry Hijiki 2 to 3 tablespoons *about 10g
Carrot 1/2
Abura-age (Fried Thin Tofu) 1
Chicken 150 to 200g
Sake 1 tablespoon
Dashi Stock 400ml (*OR Water 400ml and Instant Dashi Powder 1/2 teaspoon)
Soy Sauce 2 tablespoons
Mirin 2 tablespoons

  1. Wash Short Grain Rice and drain.
  2. Soak Dry Hijiki in cold water for 10 minutes, drain, rinse and drain again.
  3. Cut Chicken into 2cm size and place in a bowl. Add Sake and a pinch of Salt and massage, set aside.
  4. Cut Carrot in half lengthways and slice 3 to 4 mm thick. Anura-Age is also needs to be thinly sliced.
  5. Make soup by mixing Dashi Stock, Soy Sauce and Mirin.
  6. Place well-drained Rice in the rice cooker’s inner pot, place Carrot, Chicken, Abura-age and Hijiki over the Rice evenly. DO NOT MIX. Gently pour the soup over.
  7. Plug the rice cooker in and press the Cook/Start button. When the rice is cooked and steamed, open the lid and toss the rice gently.