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  • Chicken

    Chicken Simmered in Milk

    I came across this dish in a book. A woman travelling in Italy got to know a single elderly woman, and she was invited to dinner. Nonna, the elderly woman, cooked a chicken dish. In the book, there was a brief description how she cooked the dish, then I tried it for myself. It was …

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    Cuban Black Beans

    Since my daughter stopped eating meat, I have been cooking more beans. I have tried all sort flavours of Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc. But this is the biggest hit. Cuban!!!Well…, I have never been to Cuba and never tasted real Cuban food. I just read some recipes and created my own version. This …

  • Vegetables

    Asian Flavoured ‘Sauerkraut’

    A few weeks ago, when ALDI was having German Food Fest, I bought a jar of Sauerkraut. As I had never tasted German-made Sauerkraut before, I was excited to eat it. Now, to be honest about it, I couldn’t eat it because it was too sour!Then I remembered my mother’s Pickled Daikon that always turned …