I came across this dish in a book. A woman travelling in Italy got to know a single elderly woman, and she was invited to dinner. Nonna, the elderly woman, cooked a chicken dish. In the book, there was a brief description how she cooked the dish, then I tried it for myself. It was decades ago…
This is a winter dish for me. I have cooked this dish countless times because it is so easy and yummy, and these days I often add herbs such as Bay Leaf, Sage, Thyme, Lemon Rind, etc. But the original recipe was very simple, just like the Italian Nonna cooked for the traveller.


4 Servings


Chicken Thigh Fillets 500 to 600g
Salt & Pepper
Plain Flour
Garlic 1 to 2 cloves *coarsely chopped OR crushed
Milk 1 cup *you can add more if you like

  1. Season the Chicken Fillets with Salt and Pepper fairly generously. Lightly coat with Flour.
  2. Heat small amount of Oil in a frying pan or pot over medium heat, cook Chicken until golden both sides.
  3. Add Milk and Garlic, bring to the gentle boil, then reduce heat to lowest and simmer for about 20 minutes. Season with Salt and Pepper if required.
  4. Serve with nice crusty bread, steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes.