This recipe can be a life-saver for busy parents. When my children were young and I was a very busy mum, I sometimes could not bother thinking about what to cook for dinner. One of my choices was Curry that I could cook with S&B Curry Roux Blocks as it was easy to prepare and my children always enjoyed it. However, on a very hot day, I couldn’t bother cooking the Curry either. This rice dish is super easy. You put everything in the rice cooker and press ‘Start’ button. If you have a bit more energy, make a salad. Then you will have a perfect dinner.


4 Servings


300g Chicken Fillets *I used Thigh Fillets
2 cups (*180ml cup) Short OR Medium Grain Rice
1 Onion
1 Carrot
420ml Chicken Stock *OR 420ml Water and 1 Stock Cube
*Note: If you add Stock Cube, thinly slice it.
1/2 teaspoon Salt
2 blocks (about 55g) Japanese Curry Roux *I used S&B Curry Roux
1 tablespoon Ketchup
1/2 cup Peas *thawed if frozen
Salt & Pepper if required *optional

  1. Cut Chicken Fillets into bite-size pieces and place in the rice cooker’s inner pot.
  2. Wash Rice, drain the water, and spread over the Chicken.
  3. Cut Onion and Carrot into small pieces, and scatter over the Rice.
  4. Gently pour Chicken Stock, but DO NOT stir. If you add a Stock Cube, thinly slice it, and scatter it. Sprinkle with Salt, slice Curry Roux blocks thinly, scatter over the vegetables, and drizzle with some Ketchup.
  5. Press the Cook/Start button. When the Rice is cooked, add Peas and let them steamed for 10 minutes, then gently mix to combine. Add some Salt & Pepper if required. Serve with a refreshing salad.