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  • Fish Takikomigohan

    Enoki & Mackerel Takikomigohan

    ‘Mackerel’ is my favourite fish, but it is hard to find fresh Mackerel in Australia. That’s why I always stock Canned Mackerel in the pantry and I use it for this dish. If you are lucky to have fresh Mackerel fillets, season with some salt and grill or pan-fry them first. That would make a …

  • Vegetables

    ‘Kimpira’ Carrot & Black Fungus

    ‘Kimpira’ is a Japanese dish of vegetables, commonly root vegetables, that is stir-fried and seasoned with Mirin (Sugar) & Soy Sauce. My mother always used Gobo (burdock root) for the dish, but it is almost impossible to find Gobo in Melbourne where I live. The most commonly available root vegetable is Carrot. I add Black …

  • Egg

    Soy Sauce Eggs

    In Melbourne where I live, as ‘Ramen’ (Japanese style noodles in soup) has become popular, ‘Soy Sauce Egg’ has also become popular because it is a very common topping for ‘Ramen’. ‘Soy Sauce Egg’ can be made in different ways. Many recipes require a large amount of Soy Sauce, so that the Eggs can be …