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  • Chicken

    Tom Yum Fried Chicken

    Tom Yum Paste is a versatile seasoning. I use it for fried rice and pasta dishes such as ‘Fiery Tom Yum Kung Spaghetti’. It can be an instant marinade for fried chicken. Tom Yum Paste is already salted, depending on the amount of the paste that you use, you have to reduce the amount of …

  • Baked & Fried Rice Mazegohan Takikomigohan

    Carrot Rice

    My son was a very fussy eater when he was young. He hated most vegetables. Luckily he loved curry and if vegetables were in curry, he ate anything. But I couldn’t cook curry every day, so I needed to be creative. This ‘Carrot Rice’ was one of my creations to make him eat vegetables. I …