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  • Egg Potato Vegetables

    Stir-fried Vegetable Nest & Eggs

    This is another dish that I used to cook quite often when I was a financially challenged Uni student. The essential ingredients are 1 Potato and 1-2 Eggs. You only need a frying pan. Add whatever vegetables you have in hand to make such a great looking and nutritious dish. You may wish to add …

  • Chicken

    Crumbed Chicken Patties With Cheese Filling

    This is a ‘Chicken Kyiv’ inspired dish that is cheaper and more nutritious. Chicken Breast Fillets are quite pricy. Let’s use Chicken Mince. It’s easy to add any finely chopped Vegetables to the mince. For the filling, I have tried with Garlic & Parsley Butter just like ‘Chicken Kyiv’, but the Butter filling tends to …