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  • Hot Pot & Hot Plate Pork

    Pork & Cabbage Miso Nabe (Hot Pot)

    Lately I have cooked this dish repeatedly, because it is delicious, and it is absolutely easy to prepare. I cooked it in the kitchen and took the whole pot to the table to let everyone serve themselves. You can cook this dish on the dinner table, and that’s the proper way to enjoy Nabe (Hot …

  • Sea Vegetables Vegetables

    Wakame & Tomato Japanese Salad

    I sometimes crave simple Japanese flavoured salad like this one. No Chilli. No Herbs. No Garlic. Simply seasoned with just Soy Sauce and Vinegar. This salad is so refreshing to me. Sugar is not necessary as Tomatoes are sweet. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 2 Tomatoes *cut into small pieces2 tablespoons Dried Cut Wakame1/4 Onion *thinly …