Lately I have cooked this dish repeatedly, because it is delicious, and it is absolutely easy to prepare. I cooked it in the kitchen and took the whole pot to the table to let everyone serve themselves. You can cook this dish on the dinner table, and that’s the proper way to enjoy Nabe (Hot Pot) dishes.


4 Servings


1/2 Cabbage *cut into chunky pieces
1 Onion *cut into 8 wedges
4 cups Chicken Stock
1/2 cup Sake (Rice Wine) *optional
1 clove Garlic *grated or finely chopped
400 to 500g Pork *thinly sliced
1 to 2 Bok Choy *OR Green Vegetable of your choice

4 tablespoons Miso
2 tablespoons Mirin
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 tablespoon Toban Djan (Chilli Bean Sauce)
Soy Sauce *optional, only if more saltiness is required

  1. Pack a pot with Cabbage and Onion, add Chicken Stock, Sake and Garlic, and cook over medium high heat.
  2. When vegetables are soft, add the sauce. Make a room and place Pork slices and Bok Choy (OR Green Vegetable of your choice), remove scums on the surface, and cook until Pork and Bok Choy are cooked.
  3. Enjoy with freshly cooked Rice.
  4. *Tips: At the end of the meal, there will be some delicious soup remaining in the pot. Do not waste it. You can cook Frozen/Cooked Udon Noodles in the soup and enjoy it.