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  • Bread Dough

    Crumpet Pancakes

    I love Crumpets. The rubbery texture of Crumpets is so lovely. I have recently discovered that Crumpets are easy to make. If you want to make perfectly round Crumpets, you need Crumpet Rings. If you don’t mind if your Crumpets are not perfectly round, it is quite easy to make. You just cook them like …

  • Soba Tofu & Soy Protein

    Soba Inari

    Probably you are familiar with a Sushi called ‘Inari-zushi’, which is Sushi Rice wrapped in seasoned Abura-age (Thin Fried Tofu). This is the Soba Noodle version of it and it is quite popular in Japan. Soba Noodles are seasoned with ‘Mentsuyu’ (Noodle Dipping Sauce). It is very easy to prepare. Makes 12 Pieces Ingredients 2 …