Archive for September 29th, 2020

  • Bread Chicken

    Chicken Rolls

    You might know what inspired me to make this Chicken stuffed Bread Rolls. I am not a member of THAT supermarket and I don’t do shopping there. But I heard about the supermarket’s food called ‘Chicken Bake’ and it sounded very yummy, so I tried to make it. My version tastes great! Makes 2 Large …

  • Fish Prawn & Shrimp

    Fried Fishcakes with Prawn & Edamame

    When I was young and still living in Japan, I was very fond of this deep-fried Fishcake that was called ‘Ebi-yose Fry’, a frozen food product by well-known company ‘Ajinomoto’. The only way to eat it now where I live is making it by myself. If you can make ‘Surimi’ (Fish Paste), it’s easy to …

  • Fish

    Surimi (Fish Paste)

    ‘Surimi’ means ‘finely ground fish meat (or other seafood)’ in Japanese. Fish Balls, ‘Chikuwa’ (tube-shape Japanese Fishcake) and Crab Sticks, they are made from Surimi. If you have a food processor, Surimi is easy to make. Home-made Surimi is not necessarily cheaper, but you know exactly what is in it. And variations are endless. Makes …