Archive for November 12th, 2020

  • Cold Sweets Drink

    Coffee Jelly Milk

    Coffee Jelly is one of my favourite summer desserts and it is easy to make. Just dissolve Gelatine in hot coffee and allow it to set. I want to show you a fun way to eat Coffee Jelly. Set the Coffee Jelly in a large glass, crush it when it is set, then pour cold …

  • Egg Mushrooms

    Just Enoki & Eggs

    On the other day, my family enjoyed Yakiniku, Japanese style tabletop BBQ, to celebrate my son’s birthday. We just cooked Meat, Vegetables and Mushrooms on a hot plate with no seasoning at all, then enjoyed them with Yakiniku dipping sauce. The ingredients included Enoki. And the Enoki that was simply cooked on the hot plate …