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  • Fish Spaghetti & Pasta

    ‘Tarako’ (Pollock Roe) Spaghetti

    Pollock is a fish of Cod family. Salted Pollock Roe is called ‘Tarako’ in Japanese. When Pollock Roe is salted with Chilli, it is called ‘Mentaiko’. Both are very popular in Japan, and they make a great sauce for Spaghetti. Outside Japan, we only can find frozen ‘Tarako’ OR ‘Mentaiko’. If you could find them, …

  • Mazegohan Vegetables

    Mixed Grains & Black Bean Salad

    I cooked Mixed Grain today. Because I added some Black Rice, it turned purple. I was planning to make a Rice Salad, but the colour of the Mixed Grains reminded me my ‘Cuban Black Beans’, and I ended up making this salad. Because it was so good, I am now writing down how I made …