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  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Sukiyaki Vegetables

    Soy Meat Sukiyaki Don

    One day I tried to cook ‘Sukiyaki Don’ replacing Beef with Soy Meat (Soy Protein) and the result was too bland. You can’t just replace Beef with Soy Meat. Extra flavours are needed in the sauce. So I added Ginger, Sesame Oil and Chilli this time. The dish tastes much better and it still tastes …

  • Chicken Clear Soup

    Chicken Tenderloin Clear Soup

    I have just harvested Yuzu fruit from my Yuzu tree, that I planted in a pot 3-4 years ago. To enjoy the fragrance of zest of Yuzu fruit, the best way is to add a small piece of zest to Japanese clear soup. When I harvested Yuzu fruit last year, I shared my Fish Clear …