• Beef Sukiyaki Udon

    Quick & Easy Sukiyaki Udon

    ‘Sukiyaki’ is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. ‘Sukiyaki’ is cooked on the dinner table as we eat. As things are eaten, we add more ingredients and sauce, and keep cooking until everyone is satisfied. Towards the end of the meal, as the sauce in the pan has developed great flavour, we often add …

  • Beef Donburi (Rice Bowl) Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki Don

    Do not worry about thinly slicing Beef for ‘Sukiyaki’. Use Beef Mince! It is easy and tastes the same, but a little bit hard to eat. So, place it on top of the rice and make it a yummy ‘Donburi’ dish! Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 500g Beef Mince1 tablespoon Oil1 Onion1 Carrot1/4 (about 300g) Wombok …

  • Beef Hot Pot & Hot Plate Sukiyaki

    Basic Sukiyaki

    Very thinly sliced meat or fish is called ‘Sukimi.’ Sukimi Beef cooked with Vegetables and Mushrooms in a sweet soy flavoured sauce used to be called ‘Gyuu Nabe’, but it came to be known as ‘Sukiyaki.’ It’s one of the most famous Japanese dishes. Raw Eggs are often used as a dipping sauce. Because the …