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  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl) Fish Pork

    Katsu Don with Tonkatsu Sauce

    This rice bowl dish is called ‘Sauce Katsu Don’ in Japan, and the ‘Sauce’ means ‘Tonkatsu’ Sauce in this case. ‘Katsu’ is crumbed and fried meat, and ‘Tonkatsu’ (Pork Cutlets) is popularly used. Today I used Crumbed Fried Fish. This dish was my youngest sister’s favourite when she was a young girl. To encourage her …

  • Vegetables

    Oil-Free ‘Namasu’ Coleslaw

    ‘Namasu’ is a Japanese dish of vegetables, most commonly Daikon and Carrot, that is seasoned with Salt, Sugar and Vinegar. I often crave for ‘Namasu’, particularly when I am physically tired. Today I didn’t have Daikon, so I used Cabbage. I added other vegetables as well. It’s ended up a coleslaw, but in the same …

  • Fish

    Panko-Crumbed Fried Fish

    When I was a young child, Panko-Crumbed Fried Fish was one of my favourite dishes that my mother prepared. She always used Merluza that we often call ‘Melulūsa’ in Japan. Here in Australia, I often use ‘Blue Grenadier’ OR ‘Hoki’. There are so many different names for a same fish and there are many similar …