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  • Cold Sweets

    Earl Grey Panna Cotta

    My ‘Coffee Panna Cotta with Kahlúa’ has become popular. Then I decided to make Tea Flavoured Panna Cotta. I used the fragrant Earl Grey Tea which I love, and 1/2 Milk and 1/2 Cream for lighter texture. The fragrance of Earl Grey in the Panna Cotta is quite subtle. You need Earl Grey Tea Syrup …

  • Fish Udon Vegetables

    Mackerel ‘Chan-Chan-Yaki’ Udon

    ‘Chan-Chan-Yaki’ is originally a fishermen’s dish from Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island. Salmon is used for the dish, but it is delicious with Mackerel. I have shared my ‘Mackerel Chan-Chan-Yaki Rice Bowl’ on this website. This is Udon Noodle version of the dish. I used Canned Mackerel. It’s another quick & easy dish, very filling and …

  • Sweets

    Earl Grey Tea Syrup

    I used Earl Grey Tea, but you can use your favourite Tea. The fragrance of Tea can be easily lost when it is boiled. That happened when I made Earl Grey Tea first, then added Sugar and simmered into syrup. I recommend to make syrup first, then add Tea (bags OR leaves) to infuse. Makes …