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    Panettone Style Sweet Bread

    At Christmas time every year, I wanted to make Panettone, but I have never tried it. Because I didn’t have a suitable cake tin and didn’t want to buy rather expensive Panettone paper cases. The other day, when I was making a soup, I looked at the saucepan and thought it was a good size …

  • Vegetables

    Pan-fried Garlic Butter Broccoli with Soy Sauce

    To cook Broccoli, steam-frying in a frying pan is the easiest method. Today I used Butter instead of Oil and seasoned with Soy Sauce. ‘Butter & Soy Sauce’ is a great combination and anything tastes good in the flavour. This is another super quick and easy Broccoli dish. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1 large head …