Archive for July 29th, 2023

  • Bread Dough

    Easy Focaccia

    I make ‘1-Hour Focaccia’ when I am in hurry. Using the recipe, you really can make yummy thin bread in 1 hour from scratch. However, when I have a little more time, this ‘Easy Focaccia’ tastes nicer and has a better texture. If you want to impress your guests tonight, it’s not too late to …

  • Mushrooms Sea Vegetables

    Simmered Kombu (Kelp), Shiitake & Bamboo Shoot

    This is a very Japanese dish of Kombu (Kelp) that is seasoned with Japanese staple seasonings, Sugar, Mirin and Soy Sauce. Kombu is cooked with Shiitake and Bamboo Shoot. I added Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes) as well. You may know that Kombu, Katsuobushi and Dried Shiitake are often used to make Dashi Stock. This dish is …

  • Cold Sweets

    Lemon Agar Jelly

    A few days ago, I was given a lot of home-grown organic Lemons, and I have been making Lemon desserts. Today I made a simple jelly. When I make jelly using fresh Lemon Juice, I always use Golden Cup Agar Agar Powder to set the jelly. Most Asian grocery stores sell it. This vegetarian dessert …