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  • Potato Vegetables

    Potato & Parsley Pancakes

    I have been using a lot of Parsley for cooking lately. The other day I cooked Asian flavoured ‘Parsley Pancake’. Today I cooked Potato Pancakes and I added a lot of Parsley to the mixture. It was delicious. I added firmly packed 1/2 cupful Parsley, which looked too much, but surprisingly Parsley flavour was not …

  • Fruit

    Grapefruit Jam

    My next-door neighbour gave me his Grapefruit again, though I always honestly decline his offer, because my family members don’t eat Grapefruit. I like its freshness but I am sensitive to its bitterness. I decided to make jam hoping the bitterness would become mild. I removed all zest, white bits and membranes to reduce the …

  • Beef Egg

    Rice Cooker Beef Mince & Potato Frittata

    My rice cooker has ‘Cake’ setting. I have found it is the best way to cook Upside-down Cakes, but it is perfect for cooking crust-less Quiche and Frittata as well. I have shared my ‘Rice Cooker Zucchini Frittata’ and ‘Spinach and Ham Frittata’ recipes on this website. Here is another one for you to try. …