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    Apple & Apricot Cream Cheese Bake

    ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and I made this delicious dessert in that way. There was half a block of Cream Cheese in the fridge for a while. I had to use it up. Then I found some Apples in the fruit bowl getting bad. I decided to make apple cheesecake sort of dessert. …

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    Apricot & Oats Balls

    I made Apricot Sauce’ on the other day and there was some leftover in the fridge. I decided to make these delightful & gluten-free ‘Apricot & Oats Balls’. Simply mix same amount of Apricot Sauce and Instant Oats (or ground Rolled Oats) and heat in the microwave. I added Desiccated Coconut and chopped Dry Apricots …

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    Apricot Sauce

    This delicious ‘Apricot Sauce’ can be made so easily using Dried Apricots. If you add more Sugar and less Water, it would be an instant Apricot Jam. This sauce goes so well with cheesecake, ice cream, pancakes, or etc. I no longer buy Apricot Sauce or Apricot Jam. Ingredients 100g Dry Apricots1/4 cup Caster Sugar1/4 …